Husky Logwork

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes a handcrafted log home so special?
A: This is the most traditional method of log home building; the logs for each home are produced much like the early settlers did. The way in which handcrafted logs are selected and cut differs greatly from manufactured logs - which stress uniformity. Handcrafters choose logs that span the length of a wall, then cut and shape each log individually, so that it retains the natural shape of the tree. We use the Scandinavian full scribe style, in which two logs are fit together using a tool called a scribe, which transfers the contours of the lower log to the log above. The wood is then carefully removed, creating a snug fit.

Q: What type of foundation is required?
A: Normal foundation, built for conventional housing will support the weight of a log home. You can have any type you like: full basement, crawl space or slab.

Q: What about shrinking and settling?
A: Shrinking and settling are a fact of all log structures. You can expect up to 3" of settling on an 8' wall. This requires allowances when framing interior walls and installing doors and windows. We provide the necessary accommodations in all our log structures and offer technical assistance to the carpenters when needed.

Q: How long does it take to build a log home?
A: It typically takes 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the size and design of your log home.

Q: What kind of maintenance do log homes require?
A: With a proper design, a good foundation, and a sufficient overhang, log homes are built to last centuries. All that is required is that the outside walls be treated with a weather resistant finish with UV protection every 3-5 years.

Q: How heat efficient are log homes?
A: Their energy efficiently compares well with conventional insulated frame homes, in fact log homes use equal or less energy. Thermal mass enables logs to retain heat, and then release it back into the building.